Your Comfort

Dentistry Options That Make Treatment Easy

We are understanding about how difficult dental treatment can be for some patients, and we want every patient to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout a treatment. We relieve your anxiety with conscious sedation dentistry. We are among the few practices in the state qualified to administer both oral and IV sedation for specific procedures.

IV sedation takes effect quickly, and the doctor has complete control over your medication level. With this method, patients do not remember work being performed, and what might be an hour of procedure seems like just a few minutes. IVs or an intravenous method means the medication is given directly into a vein and into the bloodstream. It is a very safe and effective type of sedation that works well both for those who have fear and those who need a longer appointment to take care of all their dental work.

If lighter sedation suits your needs, we provide one pill that you take an hour before your appointment. With oral conscious sedation, you gradually reach a deep level of sedation as you sit in the dental chair. You are not completely unconscious, as you can answer questions the doctor may ask. However, you will be completely unaware of the procedure taking place.

For those who have fear of being completely unconscious, it is important to realize you still maintain a level on consciousness that lets you respond to questions. But you have relief from your worries to let you relax throughout the treatment. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable and calm for their dental care.

Comfortable Anesthesia Delivery Is Now Possible

So many new developments in dental technology have occurred, and they make treatment for patients easier and more comfortable. With Vibraject™, you won't feel any sensation as local anesthesia is applied. This innovative technology sends gentle vibrations to the nerve endings in your mouth that are picked up before they sense the needle. It eliminates the pain messages from the needle to provide you with a pain-free injection. Patients are most impressed and pleased with this new method.

Precise Anesthesia with The Wand™

The Wand™ replaces the 150-year-old method of delivering anesthesia with a syringe. This high-tech computerized system means we can now give patients a shot without them feeling a thing. The dose of anesthesia is accurately measured with this system. No longer does a patient need to feel fearful or anxious about shots with the traditional syringe and needle.

Numbness Relieved in Just Minutes After Treatment

Many patients do not like the numb feeling of their mouth and lips as they leave the dental office. For another 3 to 5 hours, the "fat" feeling from the anesthetic continues. With OraVerse™, we can reverse the numbness and put you back to normal in about 15 minutes. If you don't like having a lack of feeling in your mouth and face after dental treatment, we can take care of the problem in just minutes.

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