Dentistry for Adults

Regular Hygiene Visits Help to Keep You Healthy

We stress the importance of having your teeth cleaned professionally by our hygienist at six-month intervals. Even if you are meticulous in cleaning your teeth, there are hard-to-reach areas in the back teeth where plaque builds up and hardens into tartar. Once tartar forms, regular brushing will not remove it. It can also start to form at the gumline, where an infection can develop. Gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions when left untreated. Please take our recommendation seriously to keep yourself healthy and your smile beautiful.

A Root Canal Will Save a Tooth

Our dentists are well-trained and experienced in the latest procedures for root canal treatment. This procedure can save a tooth from extraction. It is now known that it is better to save a tooth, if at all possible, to avoid problems later on.

As the tooth has damaged or infected roots, the procedure involves removing the interior pulp of the tooth and repacking it with a special filling material. It is different than a regular filling. This will return the tooth to full functionality. Patients no longer dread having a root canal. The most advanced procedures, coupled with effective anesthetics, have made this treatment much easier for patients.

Keeping Seniors' Teeth and Gums Healthy

Our teeth show signs of age as well as our bodies. At our practice, we provide specific attention to the needs and concerns of our senior patients.

Teeth often have lost their luster from years of food and drink and tobacco consumption, leaving teeth stained and discolored. Fillings may have loosened and need replacement. Sometimes a tooth is fractured or broken, and a crown is necessary to avoid root damage or tooth loss. Certain medications reduce the flow of saliva through the mouth. We can provide basic products to prevent dry mouth. Gum disease is very common in seniors. Early treatment can save you from having to have gum surgery. If gums become red or bleed while brushing or flossing, contact us immediately.

Regular check-ups will help us give you the best preventive care to keep all your natural teeth, to maintain overall good health, and to give you a pleasing smile.

Care for Controlling Diabetes

A vicious cycle occurs in trying to maintain good health when a patient is diabetic or pre-diabetic and has gum disease present as well. The diabetes worsens the gum infection, and infected gums make it difficult to control blood sugar levels. Our doctors have the specialized training to handle this dual problem. Come into our office for a complimentary consultation. You will never be criticized for your dental condition, but you can be sure we will give you the care you need in a compassionate manner.

Modern Filling Restorations Without Any Metal

The metal amalgam fillings composed mostly of silver and mercury have been the standard material used for cavity restoration for a very long time. They provide a reasonable restoration, but as metal does not bond tightly to tooth structure, eventually decay sets in. Patients don't like how noticeable such a restoration can be.

We use composite resin restorations that contain no metals and bond tightly to a tooth, giving it added strength and reducing the chance of decay setting in. They are made to match the shade of the tooth, so they are never noticeable when you smile.

Proper Bite Alignment Mitigates Problems of TMJ/TMD

If you suffer from severe headaches and continual neck and shoulder pain, and put up with the difficulties of aching or popping jaws, most likely, you have a dental malocclusion or improper bite. Perhaps you have suffered trauma to your mouth or your teeth have ground down over time. Whatever the reason, your jaw does not settle into the position nature intended. This strain and tension create pain that maybe you have accepted to be normal. But we can provide a full-mouth rehabilitation to realign the jaw and return your bite as it should be. Let us show you how we can bring relief from pain and create a new vitality in your life by correcting this problem.

Do You Start to Fall Asleep During the Day?

Symptoms of sleep apnea include dozing off during the day, loud snoring, and breathing that gets interrupted while you are sleeping. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this condition, modern dentistry offers new options for treatment, including oral appliances. These have been successful for over 90% of the patients who use them and are a convenient alternative to the most common treatment for sleep apnea, the CPAP machine. Ask us about this treatment and start getting the rest you deserve.

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