Children's Dentistry

Kids Feel Relaxed in Our Care

Our doctors know how to make your children feel at ease for all their appointments. With our gentle manner and the use of the latest treatment in children's dentistry, parents have been pleased with how their children respond to receiving care at our practice. We want all generations of kids to not have fear of dentists and treatment. Our office is a happy place for them to visit that makes them forget their anxiety.

We also teach children how to care for their teeth at home. We want them to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime, and showing them proper brushing and flossing techniques and encouraging to maintain daily hygiene will help them achieve that goal. We see them for their first appointment at three years old and look forward to taking care of their dental needs year after year.

A Dentist Is Part of Your Children's Good Health

Healthy teeth and gums are part of your children's good health. Our dentists stress the importance of proper brushing and flossing both to children and parents. Children's teeth are susceptible to cavities, and often, they do not do a good job of daily care.

We ask parents to ensure children brush daily and do so properly. This helps them to develop good habits, while minimizing the risk of cavities during their formative years. Kids eat throughout the day, and that means their teeth are continually being exposed to the acids produced in the mouth while eating.

If their teeth are not as clean as needed to begin with, even more contact with these acids will increase the rate and number of cavities. We recommend improved daily hygiene, healthier choices in food and snacks, and one application of a mineralizing varnish to protect the teeth from the start of cavities.

Finding Out Your Level of Risk for Cavities

Dental caries occur from the bacteria and acids that are produced in the mouth. The lingering bacteria can be prevented with CariFree™. This program is instrumental in assessing a patient's risk for dental disease. The presence of cavity-causing bacteria can be diagnosed and be eliminated with preventive medical techniques.

Our team wants to help you prevent cavities rather than give you fillings. We are very pleased how effective the CariFree program is in stopping the development of decay. We will provide you with a caries risk assessment, which is an evaluation of the factors that are present in your mouth. We provide instructions and products that you follow and take at home. This will help you keep you and your family cavity-free.

An Effective Measure Against Children's Tooth Decay

Children often don't do a very good job of cleaning their teeth each day. Often the contours of back teeth are missed, leaving bacteria, acids, and plaque to form on the surfaces of teeth that will develop into a cavity. And even the smallest cavity will need a restoration.

With one application of a mineralizing dental sealant, the chances of decay starting can be greatly reduced. Here's the whole treatment:

After the teeth are cleaned, they are sterilized. The dentist paints on one thin coat of the dental varnish that is clear or white in color. With a curing light, the sealant is bonded to teeth. And this quick and easy treatment takes only minutes. No shots are necessary and no drilling takes place. This is highly recommended both for children and adolescents to help keep natural teeth for a lifetime.

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